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Canadian Parents for French:  Saugeen Shores Chapter

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Principal and Vice-Principal’s Message, Karen Spragg and Amy Doherty        
9d6ea656ee980d2795612e0a34940c41.gif February is full of lots of fun event—spirit days, a Valentine’s dance all day on February 14, and Winterama.  

There are two fundraisers taking place in the month of February at EPESCS: Rotary Winterama and Little Caesar’s Pizza Kits.  Dates of events and deadlines are in the calendar at the end of the newsletter and online.  Our goal this year is to enhance technology and coding in the school by purchasing iPads, robots, and yoga computers.  Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated!

We are reaching out to our Wildcat community for donations of new underwear and socks and gently used or new unisex sweat pants of all sizes.  We especially need sizes 6x-10.  Accidents of all sorts happen at school so, as a staff, we are attempting to set up a small cupboard of clothing.   

A reminder to all families that supervision is not provided on the playground until 8:45 am in the morning.  Please do not drop off your children before this time. 

A reminder that on SNOW DAYS if busses are not running in the morning then they also do not run at 3:15.   

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file:///C:/Users/sprakar/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01.jpgRobotics Workshop at Ecole Port Elgin Saugeen Central School  
On December 6, 2018, several Saugeen District Secondary Students, guided by Lesley Parker, visited EPESC to show off their expertise with Lego Mindstorms, Dash Robots and Spheros.  One area of the gym was also devoted to introducing students to coding websites such as

SDSS students created opportunities for students to use software such as the Blockly and the Sphero EDU app to move robots through mazes.

Groups of EPESC students and teachers visited the gym to take part in these coding activities and would have been happy to stay with the robots all day!

A special thanks to Mrs. Parker, Mr. Ferguson and all the visiting SDSS students.

EV3.jpgCoding at EPESC
Mr. Gibbons' Coding Club:
Within the past half a year, EPESCS has invested in some very impressive LEGO Mindstorm robots. These robots are fully customizable and allow students to experiment with, play, design, and create robots capable of a wide variety of tasks. Students will learn how to build and design robots, but will also learn how to use computer coding / programming. They will be able to use the LEGO programming tool to build a program from the ground up which will bring their EV3 robot to life! Using sensors, motors, buttons, and wheels, these robots are able to complete complex tasks given the appropriate code. Under the tutelage of Mr. Gibbons, students at EPESCS will have the opportunity to take part in the school’s first ever coding and robotics team.

Coding in 3/4 Rapke:

Mrs. Rapke's class is learning to code Dash and Dot robots.  They have to plan each step of the robot's movements as they guide it between obstacles.
Why teach coding?  Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and it is important for kids to understand and be able to work with and understand the technology around them. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence.


Parking Requests

Remember to follow the rules of the road even when on school property by obeying all traffic signs, one ways, speed limits and parking guidelines.

Please note that the custodial staff are requesting that if you are parking in the parent lot, kindly do not park your car in front of the dumpstersIn addition,  kindly do not park or drop off your child in the bussing zone from 8:30-9:00 am and from 3:00-3:40 pm.  Thank you!

Remember to not drop off or pick up your child in the staff parking lot.  This becomes a hazard for students who are crossing here and a challenge for staff to get out of parking spaces at the end of the day.  

11212018_13838_0.pngÉcole Port Elgin Saugeen Central School Fundraising Program 2018-201911212018_13851_1.png
The What When and Why of ÉPESCS Fundraising!

Ongoing Fundraisers over Whole Year
Wednesday Pizza Delight Lunch
 proceeds go to the ‘Principal's Discretionary Fund’ which supports classroom technology, library books, and school-based funded initiatives

This is a website where you can purchase gift cards to use at hundreds of businesses. You get the full amount of the gift card, and the school gets 2-10% of the value as a kick-back. Go to and pick École Port Elgin Saugeen Central. Then use invitation code SCRK2S to support the ongoing costs of the ÉPESCS Music Program or invitation code L4Z6JQ to support the Wildcat Outside Pride Playground Revitalization Project.

Early Fall
11212018_13921_2.pngQSP Magazines and Cookie Dough
Main order already in but magazines can be ordered all year.
Cookie dough pickup will be announced.
proceeds to Principals' Discretionary Fund (as above)

Late Fall (November)
Beefway Order #1
Watch for order forms for this popular fundraiser of locally raised and butchered meats. Orders will be due on a date to be determined.
proceeds will go toward purchasing additional technology such as computers and iPads

Early Winter (January)
Little Caesar's Pizza Kits
A great deal for making pizza at home on cold winter nights. This will start after the Christmas Holidays, order deadline and pick up TBA.
proceeds will be determined closer to the fundraising date

Early Spring (April)
Beefway Order #2
This spring fundraiser will get your family ready for barbeque season. It will start after March Break, order deadline and pick up TBA.
proceeds will be determined closer to the fundraising date

Late Spring (June)
Fun Fair  
This event is held each June to celebrate the year!
proceeds are used by the School Community Council which then directs money toward numerous activities in school for students and staff.

School Day begins—8:55 AM

(Reminder that outside supervision for students

does not begin until 8:45 AM)

1st Nutrition Break—10:55 AM to 11:35 AM for Primary
and 11:35 - 12:15 for Junior/Intermeidate Students

2nd Nutrition Break—1:35PM to 2:15 PM


file:///C:/Users/sprakar/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01.pngSIGNING UP FOR BUSING NOTIFICATIONS:

Did you know that you can subscribe to get electronic bus cancellation notifications?  And that you must re-subscribe every school year.  Email subscriptions are purged each summer and subscribers are asked to re-subscribe to ensure we have an accurate list of email addresses each year. 

Anyone can subscribe for email notifications for general notices, school closures and route cancellations & delays.  You must first confirm that you have a valid email address.  To subscribe go to and click on “Delays & Cancellations” (top right corner), then click on the “Subscriptions” icon, Under Other Options click on “Subscribe”.  Enter your email address and press the “Subscribe” button.  Our automated system will send you an email confirmation containing a link that you will need to click to complete the subscription process.

When you receive that confirmation email, click on the “Confirm” link and enter a password beside New Password, then enter it again.  You should receive a message on-screen thanking you for confirming your subscription and telling you can now login to manage your subscriptions. 

For more information, go to the Transportation Consortium website: and click on Subscribe for Delays and Cancellations.


We take our responsibility for students seriously.   Therefore, we ask that you please call the school before 8:55 AM if your child will be absent or late at 519-832-2038 X 100 .  You may leave a message if calling before 8:30 AM.  If we have not heard from you or your child before 8:55 AM, we will make every effort to contact you.  Thank you for your support in keeping your children safe. 


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